“Superhero” isn’t a movie genre…

So Tim Stifflerd-Dean posted on Twitter the following statement.

“Superhero” isn’t a movie genre. I want superhero films in other genres that aren’t Action/Adventure.

So it’s time to show the different types of Superhero movies and shows if you prefer the superior Marvel content.


Doing everything he can to get back to his love, only to be stoped along the way and have her put in danger.

Buddy Cop

Two head butting soldiers who learn to work with each other join forces to take down a plot to rise tensions and cause war.

Underdog story

A group is put together and they cant stand each other, but they must work past that. Tensions rise as they must work together.

Fantasy / Family / Comedy

When everything is lost, Wonda breaks down and just wants to start a family.

Coworkers / Office / Drama

2 friends from work find each other in a strange new place.

Advanced info in menu items on macOS

This is a easy one to remember. On Macs the option key is used as a secondary option list modifier key. It can be used all over the OS to expose more options but also on the Wifi, sound, and more menu items on the top right by just holding it when you click. For example by using this you can change your input device, or see your router info on the wifi connection without opening settings menus.

Getting parent folders in finder on macOS

This is another simple and easy one for you, if you are in a folder and want to go to the parent folder or any of the folders before it there is an easy way to access this. Right click on the folder icon and name at the top of the finder window for the folder you are in and you will be presented with a folder tree.

You can also enable a view rule to keep this kind of list on the bottom of all windows by going to view and picking show path bar.

I now have glasses

Back a long time ago I got my left eye injured. It caused lenses in my eye to be replaced with acrylic. I have scars in my vision causing blurry vision on the left. About a decade later I did a checkup and got glasses today.

They don’t fix vision fully but it allows 2 fonts smaller for the left. This will take some getting used to as I have never had them before. I was always told the only way to help at all when younger was contacts and I was against them.

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Window screenshots on macOS without the shadow

This is fairly simple, take a window screenshot like before by pressing Shift + Command + 4 and then pressing space over a window to select it. Normaly if you click now the preview will have a shadow attached like below, but you can override this.

Just hold Option when you click on the window to take the screenshot. This will make it save a preview without the shadow making the preview larger and better for sharing on things like social media.

How to exit VIM and save or discard changes

It’s not often but sometimes you get stick when you VIM a file on Linux. Well to get out is fairly easy but nobody remembers.

If your in editing mode press escape to get to command mode. Then type in one of the commands below and smack that enter key like you need it to work.

  • :wq to save and quit (write changes and quit).
  • :q! to quit now and not save changes.

This is new

So this is new for me. I never have been able to get a blog I stick with before, but I think this time will be different.

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